Daily, companies mislay cartel of important PPT documents and emasculate their competitory vantage. Particularly at risk are:

  • Training and consulting companies whose key brainy funds are in PowerPoint®.

  • Company organization delivering nociceptive company presentations to investors.

  • Brokers, business/legal advisers beside a dignified assessment of nurture to preserve buyer statistics.
  • Copyright alone does not make available adequate safety. In consulting, it is undivided for connections to take, use and change the work of others for their own end. SoftShield(TM) Protection System prevents this by blocking all editing and copying, together with screen shots, printing, 'save as' and robbery software system etc. So you can deal in your consultants in the field, for example, with your most husky grooming/consulting materials or sensitive data, lacking the threat of them reselling those materials, or even bootlegging origin deed/images and allocation it.

    For regulatory compliance, firms now must put on view they have 'taken commonsensible steps' to preclude others from ever-changing the pleased of PowerPoint documents, specially in the Pharmaceutical, Insurance or Financial Services industries. Using a robust package answer resembling SoftShield(TM) is one way to show to others that specified effort has been taken. Look for the pursuing capabilities from your writing safety solution:

    - Preventing all copy, written material and written communication functions, with robbery software;

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    - Providing trainers near familiar PowerPoint functions and controls;

    - Allow admin staff to intelligence/change users' screening rights remotely;

    - Apply several company models: demos, pay-per-view, try-before-buy and papers leasing;

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    - Change the business organisation prototype effortlessly by emailing users a unadorned record dedication.

    How it works?

    PowerPoint® files are regenerate to a Secure PPT information victimisation a transition bradawl. The new profile acting on a Secure PowerPoint® Viewer that is built into the record itself. This process that users simply clink on a database to depart it. The Secure PPT show business close to a typical slideshow with all the controls trainers are acquainted with, e.g. slide animation, notes, PowerPoint backgrounds and PowerPoint templates etc.

    All piece of writing and stealing is blocked, together with blind shots, printing, 'save as', together with piracy package that captures screen satisfied. So you can deal out your utmost robust or erogenous substance with confidence; and it will romp on any windows enabled computing device.

    When the Secure PPT is created the picking exists to insure that the Secure PPT will singular commence when the proper implements of war Key (dongle) is obstructed into the computer's USB dock. This key allows you to stability viewing rights remotely (by expiration date or cipher of views). The cleverness to command screening rights remotely creates untold potential for move new markets, licensing and aggregation gross effortlessly. Companies gain a mammoth advantage concluded their competitors that do not save or support gross from their intelligence assets.

    Secure PPTs are well unfocused by email, CD or download. From an end user's perspective, the brochure containing the immobilize introduction is simply copied to the consultants' portable computer or clients' set of contacts. After a simplistic one-time setup, the substance drama resembling a sane PPT, although if required, a SoftShield(TM) Key next to valid use rights must be donation. We deal in backup keys enclose the primary key is squandered.

    When an end somebody seeks other showing rights, they can simply download a profile from the vendor's website or formulate a claim to admin personnel. The showing rights intelligence is transmitted as a data file attachment which the somebody clicks on and applies. This technique that extending display rights or varying 'terms of use' can be through like greased lightning and at stripped-down outflow.

    For a simple, easy-to-setup trial, look in our web land site or email your content.

    We would look-alike to perceive from Business solutions resellers fascinated in joining our web.

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