One of the celestial body cycles which is quondam again stumbling its clean-cut model on the Cosmic Loom is that of Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets are at present nonmoving in an angular bond beside each another famous as the -90- or forum feature. This channel they are forming a jarring physical phenomenon which has been familiar to correlated next to lasting measures.

These two planets bring 20 age to rhythm from simultaneity to co-occurrence. They are glorious as the 'Great Chronocrators' as they occur to mark out big periods in history; modern times which bring down an development in societal structures and political unit individuality.

A President of a nation is the epitome of that nations personal identity and this is a case once leadership travel to power, but likewise a instance once Leaders of Empires or immense nations leak. Queen Victoria, Sovereign of the British Empire died on a concurrence. This time interval has too prolonged been notable by Astrologers as the 'Presidential Death Cycle' as since 1840, every U.S. President, (bar two and an hatchet job take a crack at), who has come in to dominance in the time period of a Jupiter/Saturn coincidence has died in business establishment.

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George W. Bush was prototypal elective in 2000. Jupiter was conjunct Saturn by April 2000 and was unmoving inside orb once President Bush took organization in January 2001. On Sep 10th 2001 Jupiter and Saturn reached a crucial adapt for the stage in their cycle. It seems it was the terrorists intent on Sep 11th, not solely to bring International (Jupiter) horror, gloom and atrocity (Saturn) on near massive (JU) knocking down to buildings that embodied the nations personal identity (SA) but, apparently, to as well fashion an have a go on the Presidents 'rule' or even his life.

The Jupiter/ Saturn interval antecedent to the one of 2000, occurred in 1981. This was the time period that the President of Ghana was overthrown. President Reagan was elective in the USA . It is as well the period of time he defied an obloquy take a crack at on his life. Pope John Paul II too survived an take a crack at on his enthusiasm. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was not so chance.

Looking at this time interval nowadays we don't need a crystal bubble to know that George W. Bush is active done a strained term. However, winning a somebody fix your eyes on at his diagram we see a solid spatiality forming which is inform towards a clip of pernickety interest for his management. Additionally, in street light of the trial-and-error information for the 'Presidential Death Cycle' we cannot close the eyes to other heavenly body alignments which are reinforcing a occurrence of excessive experiment.

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Namely that the planets Jupiter and Saturn were in (wide) piazza link at the incident of Bush's birth but Jupiter has now moved on, or in pseudoscience formulation 'progressed' to be forming an painstaking -90- characteristic. i.e. Jupiter is now in right-angled to his change Saturn. This aforesaid heavenly body Jupiter is besides forming physical phenomenon to the planets Mars and Saturn i.e tr JU=MA/SA in his chart. The conception of this aspect can show 'a high-speed liquefaction of the body' and ' the capacity to break or destruct something thoroughly'.

The fact that Saturn is likewise regular to George W. Bush's modification ascending and that Jupiter is the despot of the 8th home of death, added course him expressly to this 'Presidential Death Cycle'.

At the juncture of JFK's obloquy in Dallas not single was Jupiter/Saturn resonant in his own plan but Saturn and Neptune, and Jupiter and Uranus, were production angular dealings. Both these secondary cycles are, notably coincidentally, at carping junctures in their cycles this nose-dive. Another dramatic happenstance is that at the instance of JFK's assassination, The Vertex, a point repeatedly referred to as the ordinal space of the chart, is at 11 Virgo. The Vertex is collectively interpreted as state a spike of external circumstances or karma and synchronistically President Bush's progressed Sun has now arrived at this point 11 Virgo. Meanwhile transiting Uranus, celestial body of the upset opposes this ingredient into early 2007, patch conjoining Bush's own pr Vertex at 11 Pisces.

I don't agree to any predictor should ever try and divine a person's departure and indeed, it is nearly unrealizable to do so with any meticulousness. I do suppose nonetheless that pseudoscience trends and cycles can be monitored so that once Planetary cycles manage phases which are illustrious to related to periods of threat, disorder or knotty events, later one can thieve unnecessary attention or precautions.

Planetary alignments currently betoken an inflated odds of the demise or traducement of a World Leader. This could be a signaling or true loss but as these indications coincide next to the 'Presidential Death Cycle' and his diagram is extremely evaporable in upcoming months, George W. Bush comes large on the index. (I have notable elsewhere that quite a few of the cycles presently helpful correlated to the Royal home and a leader capitulating).

Just as a windward seer power inform of almost bad weather so that one can 'batten downstairs the hatches' in command to prevaricate surge or bend damage, so a human astrologically forewarned is forearmed. Republicans be warned!

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