Maggie, the 22 year-old African elephant, has been a resident of the Alaska Zoo since 1983. The Zoo lately settled that Maggie wants nicer quarters, much attention, and a exercise device. She weighs 9,100 pounds and does not get adequate exercise, peculiarly during the hourlong Alaskan wintertime months.

Alaska Zoo officials debated this prehistorical period of time roughly whether to maintain Maggie. She has been the lonesome proboscidian in the zoo since 1997 once her partner of 14 years, Annabelle, died. Some experts reflect that in order to be full-bodied and festive a zoo elephant should be factor of a small troop of 3 or much.

The Zoo's proboscidian administrative unit granted that the risks of hurling Maggie out of detail and of wholly dynamic her vivacity were too severe. Besides, she seems lively here and she has a well-known "herd" in Alaska just. Numerous Zoo officials, physical handlers and exercisers, and familiarized recurring company advance many work time a day next to her.

In command to heighten Maggie's assurance and health, zoo officials arranged to contribute Maggie's live billet softer carpet and superior drying. Zoo staff will also burgeon the amount of work time that they spend next to Maggie from 8 work time day after day to 12 to 16 hours daily.

Finally, the Zoo will aid Maggie get more than year-round workout and miss weight. They will acquisition an elephant-sized treadmill. However, cypher has ever designed or reinforced an proboscidean treadmill. Designs are individual modern now, but if you have any pious ideas distribute them frontal.

Then abide in row behind me to timekeeper Maggie carry out out on her new treadmill.

Can you see in your mind's eye the elephant-sized phone and iPod that she'll need?


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